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What are hashtags and how do you use them

Late Night funny man Jimmy Fallon and pop star Justin Timberlake hit a hilarious note last week with the short skit above. The skit points out how overused hashtags are in our online vernacular, and therefore how ridiculous we must all sound. Quest, front man for the show’s band, summed up at the end the sentiment … Continue reading

Born to Blog gives beginners a start [Book Review]

Starting a blog can be very intimidating for even the bravest of souls. The flood of information on the internet and on bookstore shelves can sometimes only cast greater fear about how to start a blog. Where does one even start?! What platform should I use? What if I’m not even a writer anyways? Born … Continue reading

Marketing Fail courtesy of Kenneth Cole

If a leading high-end retailer says being insensitive and offensive will lead to better business, should you do it? The simple answer? No – regardless of what fashion designer Kenneth Cole says. As the United States Congress debated the possibility of putting “boots on the ground” in a potentially long and deadly conflict in Syria … Continue reading

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