Notable Projects



Greg worked with developers to build a comprehensive website that would increase user functionality. The site provides various ways for potential home buyers to contact the home builders in the community, whether that be for a showhome tour, general information or specific information regarding a lot. More importantly, it provides a tool to funnel qualified leads directly to the builders working in the community.

This is one of 19 websites and landing pages developed to promote home sales in Qualico’s residential developments across the Greater Edmonton Area.


Brokers at Cushman & Wakefield Edmonton were listing a large portfolio of retail gas stations, spanning from British Columbia to Northern Ontario. The brokers on the project wanted the properties to have a high level of digital exposure, but did not want them to appear alongside the firm’s other properties. Tasked with devising a solution, Greg developed the concept of a microsite that would use Google Maps to provide the user with a spacial representation of where all these properties were. The user can zoom in on the map, click on a property and receive all the high level information for that property, as well as contact information of the listed brokers.


Commercial Real Estate Listing – Interactive Presentation

Faced with the challenge of bringing new attention to a large leasing opportunity in downtown Edmonton, and with no budget in which to do it, Greg got innovative! Using Prezi, an interactive tool comparable to PowerPoint, Greg used the panning and zooming features the platform provides to create an interactive map. This allows the user to zoom in on floor plans, as well as watch videos that include a testimonial from an existing tenant. Displaying this on the listings website, along with pushing it out via social media, the listing received at significant amount of attention. All for the price of a camcorder rental!


Cushman & Wakefield Edmonton
Growing Together: A History of Cushman & Wakefield Edmonton

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Cushman & Wakefield operating in Edmonton, Greg was asked to produce a book chronicling the history of the firm. After interviewing several current and former employees and partners, Greg wrote a narrative that would go along with the pictures that were provided. Using InDesign, Greg designed and provide the layout for the entire publication.


Industrial Listing Postcard

Corporate Announcement

Western Investor Ad – Cushman & Wakefield

Athletes in Action Info Card

Young Life Newsletter


Intellectually disabled work in high school cafeteria

A small group of adults with disabilities receive work experience while working in a high school cafeteria.

Making horse polo accessible

The Manotick Polo Club attempts to make the sport one for all the people.



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