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Three reasons for Blackberry’s demise and what can be learned from it

Today, in what most could only describe as inevitable,  Blackberry announced it has accepted an offer to be purchased by a Canadian insurance company . If the deal goes through, Fairfax Financial will be the company’s new owner by November in a deal valued at $4.7 billion. With Blackberry going private, this is the end of the … Continue reading

Lakeridge Health gives clinic on viral marketing

Genius – pure genius. That is the only way you can properly describe Lakeridge Health’s latest HR recruitment campaign. In a brilliant case of news-jacking, the Durham region, Ontario hospital was able to create a viral campaign to drive recruitment, engage people across the country and extend its brand. The campaign is in response to … Continue reading

Born to Blog gives beginners a start [Book Review]

Starting a blog can be very intimidating for even the bravest of souls. The flood of information on the internet and on bookstore shelves can sometimes only cast greater fear about how to start a blog. Where does one even start?! What platform should I use? What if I’m not even a writer anyways? Born … Continue reading

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