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Local honey producer has family history

I found myself in Vernon today, which is just south of Metcalfe. Once considered  a part of Osgoode, it was amalgamated with Ottawa 2001. I was there to visit Crerar’s Honey, a long-time producer and supplier of local honey. One might ask what that has to do with local history, but the truth is it … Continue reading

Plaque commemorates Ottawa’s largest workplace tragedy

It stands unceremoniously beside a bus stop on the west side of the Heron bridge, beside the rushing east-bound lanes. Although Heron road is a busy six-lane stretch, with thousands of commuters driving it every day, few take notice of the large pointed boulder that seems completely out-of-place. The area gets little to no foot traffic. On … Continue reading

Experience the farm by Feb. 25 for free

The Experimental Farm in Ottawa is allowing access to the barns for free! Well, they ask for a donation, but there is not a place to put the donation once you get there. I took my family this morning and it was a great time. They have horses, pigs, sheep, and a whole barn of … Continue reading

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