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Canada stuck with unelected Senate?

An unelected Canadian Senate always looks more appealing – as long as you’re not living at 24 Sussex Drive. Just ask Stephen Harper. Yesterday he appointed two more senators to the upper chamber, giving the conservatives their first majority in the senate since 1997. Harper has gone on a bit of an appointing binge since becoming Prime Minister in … Continue reading

Julian Assange is no journalist

Julian Assange is no journalist. At what point did he start being referred to as one? This is a rhetorical question because I can already provide you with the answer: to justify his reasons for being the most well-known, well-financed, narcissist the world has ever known. The debate over wikileaks and Julian Assange has raged … Continue reading

Big donation helps small businesses

Algonquin will be able to use its physical resources and brain power to give small businesses a boost, thanks to $750,000 the federal government has given to the college. Conservative cabinet minister John Baird was on campus last month to announce the funding.  “This initiative will allow smaller enterprises to work closely with colleges and … Continue reading

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