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Thunder rolling with win over Loyalist: Algonquin stays perfect on the season

Algonquin’s women’s basketball team took an early lead against the Loyalist Lancers in its Nov.19 game, and never looked back.

The Thunder played before a hometown crowd, winning by a score of 65-39. It was the team’s seventh consecutive win.

The Thunder held the lead over the Lancers throughout the entire game, holding a consistent 12-point lead through the first half.

However, at the beginning of the second half, the momentum seemed to shift to the Lancers as they netted a number of quick baskets. But a spark seemed to have struck when Thunder guard Sam Lariviere potted a three-point shot early in the second half, returning the energy to the Thunder’s advantage.

A great effort was made by all the players on the floor, but there were some key contributions that led to the Thunder victory. Guard Dayna Dover scored the most points on the night with 18 points, with Jenny Allen also netting 14 points.

Although the Thunder won the game by hefty margin, there was a feeling by the team that they had not placed their best foot forward.

 “We had a sloppy game; it wasn’t a good game overall for us team-wise,” said Jenny Allen, who played over 30 minutes of the game.

“There are way too many fouls, and we let them penetrate the middle way too much,” she said.

Head coach John MacInnis echoed Allen’s thoughts on the game.

“It was a win, and we’ll always take wins. But I’m a little disappointed with how we played,” he said. “The energy, the killer instinct that this team usually has was not here tonight.”

The team was successful in its goal of keeping the Lancers under 40 points, as well as creating numerous turnovers from the Lancers.

The Thunder did show signs of inconsistency from the free throw line, shooting 80 per cent in the first half, while only netting 40 per cent of them in the second half.

The team was called for 21 fouls throughout the game, 13 of which were in the second half alone.

Although some of the fouls called were obvious to everyone, the officials did call some questionable fouls on the Thunder. Frustration with the officiating could be seen on the face of coach MacInnis throughout the game. Allen however, seemed to take the foul trouble in stride.

“You get calls, and you get calls against you. It’s a tough game, and it is what is, but you just have to play through it,” she said.

Coach MacInnis had less to say about the officiating, only saying “no comment.”

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